Diabetes and Oral Health

Most people are unaware that diabetes can also have grave consequences on our oral health.

There is a need to have proper dental hygiene, particularly for diabetic people as they face greater oral health risk because of their high level of blood sugar. Further, they need to be extra diligent in visiting their local dentist regularly.

Our immune system also faces risks when we have a high sugar level in our blood, which destroys not just insulin-producing cells, but also white blood cells. With the body’s defence mechanism down, diabetic people are in a state where they may easily have bacterial infections occur in the mouth.

Dry Mouth

With a poorly controlled level of sugar in the blood, diabetic patients will have a decrease in saliva flow in their mouths. With less saliva, there is a dry mouth condition, which could also further complicate into other oral problems like ulcers, infections, soreness, and tooth decay.

Gum Inflammation
With the weakening of the immune system brought by the impairment of white blood cells, there is also a decrease in the efficiency of eliminating waste products from tissues including the mouth.With a reduced ability to fight off infections, there is a higher tendency for diabetic patients to experience frequent cases of gum diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis.

Poor Healing, Particularly of Oral Tissues
Like having a neglected immune system, the process of healing in the case of diabetic patients also slows down due to the high blood sugar level. Such condition could be a major problem during dental procedures or surgery since there is uncontrollable blood flow when tissues wouldn’t heal properly.

Amidst all of these complications, there is one crucial step that every patient must never forget – visiting their dentists. A dentist is the best person who knows above everyone else the importance of maintaining oral hygiene.