Stress Awareness day

The Effects of Stress on your Oral Health

In light of #StressAwarenessDay we have put together a short list of the effects of stress on your oral health. You might not recognise the various things happening inside your mouth that could be stress related. The first step in combatting these oral issues, is gaining an awareness and understanding what is going-on so that it can be treated effectively.

1.  Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding mostly occurs at night time, while you sleep. It can be a very common condition, but should not be ignored! Teeth grinding can  be trigged b emotional street and can lead to; sleep disorders, headaches, jaw pain, advanced tooth wear and in serious cases, change the appearance of your face. Luckily, it can be easily treated. If you think you're suffering from teeth grinding, contact our practice. 

2. Mouth Ulcers

A painful lesion inside the mouth, which, common to popular belief, are not contagious. These irritants have been linked to how we deal with stress and anxiety, which is why you might suffer from them after enduring a difficult time in your life. Research has found that amino acid, Lysine can be effective in preventing mouth ulcers from developing. 

3. Oral Hygiene 

Stress is a leading factor in our nutritional choices. When under stress, our desire for consuming sugary foods increases. This can have disastrous effects on your oral health, especially when combined with a poor brushing and flossing regime. Understanding your stress levels and practicing mindfulness can help combat your stress levels and ensure best-practice when minding your oral health.

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