Your Child's First Dental Visit

First-times are often the toughest times when your navigating your child through life, and with dental anxiety being extremely common, it is important to give your child the best first dental experience possible, to set the tone for future visits. We've compiled a list of tips that should hopefully help curb any initial dental phobias, for much happier, enjoyable trips to the dentist. 

  • Pick a dentist that have a great reputation with kids. As a local dental practice, we're very familiar with working with children as young as 12-18 months. 
  • For your child's first visit, try and make it as normal and relaxed as possible. If your child is one, its completely fine to keep them sitting on your lap to comfort them through the journey. 
  • Bring your child with you while your have your routine check-ups and teeth cleaned. Kids will observe what the hygienist is doing and overtime it will become more normal to them. 
  • You can do routine 'pretend' checkups at home using a small mirror. Take time to talk about what a dentist does, with your child. Again, overtime this will make a dental visit much more normalised to your child. 
  • Avoid using any worry-some language when talking about the dentist. "Don't Worry" "It Won't Hurt" could place negative thoughts in your child's mind. 
  • Encourage your child to brush regularly, advising them that the dentist will be happy to see their great smile. 

The goal is to create a safe non-threatening environment for your child's first experience. Setting the standard of a routine check-ups will ensure your child's dental hygiene is a priority for them and you as they grow older.