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  • 26/08/2019 - BANDON DENTAL
    Healthy Alternatives To Consider Instead of Energy Drinks For Better Teeth

    It was announced today that sports and energy drinks can cause damage to teeth that could be irreversible. Tooth enamel ends up eroding because of the high acidity level of the beverages. Enamel is crucial to keep teeth protected to decay and cavities.Teenagers seem to be the age group most at risk as they consume the most sports and energy drinks.

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  • 23/08/2019 - BANDON DENTAL
    Diabetes and Oral Health

    Most people are unaware that diabetes can also have grave consequences on our oral health.

    There is a need to have proper dental hygiene, particularly for diabetic people as they face greater oral health risk because of their high level of blood sugar. Further, they need to be extra diligent in visiting their local dentist regularly.

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  • 25/06/2019 - BANDON DENTAL
    Your Child's First Dental Visit

    First-times are often the toughest times when your navigating your child through life, and with dental anxiety being extremely common, it is important to give your child the best first dental experience possible, to set the tone for future visits. We've compiled a list of tips that should hopefully help curb any initial dental phobias, for much happier, enjoyable trips to the dentist. 

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  • 05/06/2019 - BANDON DENTAL
    Smoking, Vaping and Dental Health

    By now, most people know and understand the effects smoking has on dental health. You can almost always distinguish a smoker from a non-smoker, just by looking at the condition of their teeth. Yet, while advertising smoking is banned in Ireland and many other countries, millions still choose to smoke. However, in more recent times, more and more people have swapped cigarettes for vapes, in an attempt to ditch the nicotine addiction. In this blog post, we explore the effects smoking and vaping has on your dental hygiene. 

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  • 30/04/2019 - BANDON DENTAL
    What to do when you've lost a tooth

    As a child, losing a tooth is a rite of passage into adolescence. However, as an adult, tooth loss can feel much more serious and lead to issues with self image and a lack of confidence. This is especially traumatic for adults as permanent teeth in adulthood and meant to last a lifetime. However, In this circumstance, replacing a lost tooth is important not only for cosmetic reasons, but for medical reasons too - and the trick is, to act fast! Many people experience tooth loss for any number of reasons, from injury, or poor dental health, whatever your reason is, there is no need to suffer in silence.

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  • Stress Awareness day
    07/11/2018 - Bandon Dental
    The Effects of Stress on your Oral Health

    In light of #StressAwarenessDay we have put together a short list of the effects of stress on your oral health. You might not recognise the various things happening inside your mouth that could be stress related. The first step in combatting these oral issues, is gaining an awareness and understanding what is going-on so that it can be treated effectively.

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